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Senced® is a registered trademark, to protect its meaning and usage. For individuals there is basically no limitations for usage as long as it harmonizes with the human rights. If the word is used in the context of advertising it shall connect with the registered trademarks owner. The word and its meaning has during a longer time been developed in connection with a successful treatment/stabilizement of bipolar disorder. In bipolar disorder it is important to stay in a balanced state of mind. Senced® is a sought after state of mind in all kinds of situations. Even as babies we experience the senced® state of mind, when you learn to walk is one example. When you eventually learn to walk the development happens naturally without you thinking about it. We sence all the time in the quiet and now and then we are senced®. The word also fits in on a gold medalist in the Olympic Games that succeed in being senced® at the right time. The word senced® has no boundaries at its core, nothing is to hard or to easy.

Senced® In practice
A way to find a senced® state of mind is to analyze the simplest of things, like (for the adult coffee drinker) brewing a cup of coffee. First there is need for boundaries and assets in form of:
1.Clean water 2. A brewer 3. Power supply 4. Coffee filters 5. And coffee powder.

The task at hand is to get the right amount of water to the right amount of coffee. Upon succeeding you can sence with better water and the right kind of coffee as well as a new brewer for better results. There are no boundaries to sence the process and its ingredients. When you feel that you can make good coffee per routine you are a senced® coffeemaker. You regularly review and sence the process further to new heights. You can always be like a wine taster within a lot of areas, but most people stay at a balanced level and instead develop other processes.

To be fully senced® is basically impossible and the person feeling that way could be manic, psychotic or very small in his or hers operation.

You can sence most things if you have a foundation to stand on to find right or wrong within set boundaries. The Boundaries are things that informally are called routines, standards, rules and laws. These shall be senced® so that you can develop unique products or services within these set boundaries. A big part of the work is based on that you find likenesses between different processes. The cleaning process can give ideas to develop services within industry and commerce, for example to improve industrial production or project planning or the other way around. Humans are at their core completely focused at differences. This is vital, for example for babies to differ their parent to other and the other way around. To find likenesses and shortcuts are harder for us than to find unique and unordinary thoughts. Vi are masters at distinguishing things but worse at finding likenesses that could be used in other contexts, this does not happen automatically in the same degree as to finding differences.

Create rules, routines and standards first
Then let these develop by sencing at all times until you feel senced®.
Challenge yourself and your surroundings by regularly sencing the process like brewing coffee. Test new kind of coffee, the amount of water and/or invest in a better brewer or coffee filter. If it feels good you develop into a higher senced® level, if it feels bad you reinstate the old process and become senced® once again. Senced® is a living word that can be experienced separate or in group. There are a lot of examples for senced® rules, guidelines as well as standards for example UN:s conventions for human rights. Having world standards has been a must to develop many cooperation rules, industry standards and sports among other things. Within the boundaries you can than sence and set goals to be senced®.

To just be senced® is not enough, you also need basic knowledge within the area. To be senced® does however say a lot about the users ambitions for the Human Rights inter alia.